API Reference


All methods required to provide an authorization token.

GET /items/status

You can check the ImagineAPI.dev status using this endpoint. Requests you send when bot_status is not healthy will be queued and they will run once the bot becomes healthy and starts accepting requests again.


    "data": {
		"bot_status": "healthy" | "unhealthy" | "starting" | "paused" ,
		"date_created": "2023-04-05T15:47:43.573Z",
		"date_updated": "2023-04-26T05:33:17.683Z",
		"id": 1,
		"message": null,
		"user_created": null,
		"user_updated": null

If the bot is processing requests without issue and bot_status is showing unhealthy, please send a support request with the logs.